For the Community

The ambition for The Global Centre of Rail Excellence site is to make it a place where people and ideas can come together, for the mutual benefit of the rail industry, the environment, the economy and, crucially, for the local community.

A brighter economic tomorrow

The vision for the Global Centre of Rail Excellence has always been much more than simply concrete sleepers and steel rails laid down on the ground.

One of the foundational strengths of the Global Centre of Rail Excellence is the support the project has received from local communities, businesses and civil society around the site. As an economic development project GCRE represents an important opportunity for the villages nearby; for the wider economic region; for Wales and for the UK as a whole.

The project offers the opportunity of good quality jobs and skills today, and the opportunity to build a brighter economic tomorrow for the community and young people in the area. That support is as important an asset to the project as any other.

Committed to the Local Community

The GCRE team is committed to working with the local community, from construction through to its successful operation, to ensure the vision for the project is clearly visible and understood.

GCRE seeks a genuine dialogue about what the project is and how it’s developing with the local community. GCRE will form a Local Community Committee as part of its governance framework that it will use throughout the project – from construction to operation – to ensure the local community voice is heard.

More detail of local community engagement will be posted on this page.

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