‘Commercial Innovation’ at heart of Orange Train Wash and GCRE deal

Orange Train Wash (OTW) and GCRE Limited have agreed an innovative commercial partnership at Railtex 2023.

The deal signed at the industry conference in Birmingham will see Orange Train Wash demonstrate its train washer at the £400m Global Centre of Rail Excellence currently being constructed in south Wales.

The deal builds on the partnership first set out in September 2022, with Orange Train Wash this week signing a Heads of Terms to become a commercial client of the facility.   

The GCRE site will become the international showcase site for Orange Train Wash, providing clients with a hands-on opportunity to see the innovative system in action.

Chief Commercial Officer of GCRE Kelly Warburton hailed the deal as an important one for the rail industry, saying that it was based on an innovative commercial model where both OTW and GCRE will benefit from sales of the cutting-edge technology.

The system developed by Orange Train Wash uses significantly less water, energy and space than conventional train washing technology.  This reduces carbon emissions, and the cost to operators of providing clean trains every day for their customers.

GCRE Chief Commercial Officer Kelly Warburton said:

“We are delighted to take our existing partnership with Orange Train Wash to the next stage and agree Heads of Terms with them. Our deal enables an exciting start-up company with a market changing product an opportunity to make use of the world class testing, innovation and showcase facilities we are building.

“The Orange Train Wash technology is cutting edge in its design, with significant benefits for the rail sector’s path to net zero through the more efficient use of water and carbon – a critical ambition for everyone.

“But what is unique about this deal is that it’s the first of a series of partnerships we can offer the industry whereby there are shared risks – and shared benefits – from the development of innovative new technology.

“What’s clear in the case of the Orange Train Wash team is that they are passionate about their great idea but have always struggled to find a suitable location to test and refine their model.

“In the Global Centre of Rail Excellence they now have that partner. And being a centre for innovation we are ourselves testing a new commercial model that we hope will encourage more small and medium sized firms to develop their technologies at our site.”

Chair of Orange Train Wash Stephen Collicott said:

“To have the Global Centre of Rail Excellence as our international showcase site is a significant step in demonstrating our capabilities and the difference Orange Train Wash will make to the rail industry worldwide.

“The interest in Orange Train Wash already spans the globe and, to work collaboratively with an innovative world class facility will bring to life the environmental, practical and financial benefits to organisations in a hands-on environment.”

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